Site name                                                               Derr Bach Wind Farm
Site location                                                          Londonderry, Ireland
Longitude / Latitude                                           54°55’52.0″N 7°18’23.0″W
Average wind speed                                            7.9 m/s
Turbine model                                                      HYO-HS-2.5
Turbines on site                                                   4
Turbine capacity                                                  250 kW
Average production (monthly)                        257,018 kWh
Average production (annually)                       3,084,216 kWh
Estimated homes powered (annually)          1028
Project development cost                                £1,677,014
Income (annually)                                              £572,482
Operation costs (annually)                              £87,047
Net income less op costs (annually)             £485,435

Creating energy for the future

Our mission is to generate power through the use of wind energy, enabling us to provide clean energy to our communities from a sustainable and renewable source whilst ensuring the process is profitable.