About WS Rotherman

Since our inception, WS Rotherman went from being a small wind energy company to one of the leading companies in the renewable energy market. Our experienced and expert team source and secure potential sites suited for the production of wind energy. Over the years, we developed small to medium sized wind turbines in Scotland, Ireland and the Midlands.

At WS Rotherman, we intend to encourage a cleaner future by continuing to invest in the generation of wind energy. This is why we constantly work with trusted and knowledgeable experts who play a vital role in helping us to secure and develop suitably potential wind turbine sites.

Ethical Approach

WS Rotherman is more than just an investment company. We see it as our duty to produce a greener, ethical and eco-friendly way of generating electricity.


We are committed in our quest to develop a greener sources of energy. We are in this for the long term so that our future generation will have a safer world.


With our team of experts and partners, we remain aggressive in our focus on innovation and technology in order to create a cleaner future for Britain.

Our Numbers

Number of wind turbines
Number of engineering and technicians
millions raised in bonds already
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Creating energy for the future

Our mission is to generate power through the use of wind energy, enabling us to provide clean energy to our communities from a sustainable and renewable source whilst ensuring the process is profitable.