All investments carry an element of risk, which may stem from their illiquidity, leverage,
investment horizon and general risks associated with investments. These risks include
capital loss, dilution of shareholder value, that dividends will not be declared, and illiquidity
risk due to the absence of a viable secondary market for a particular product. The
value of investments may rise or fall due to the volatility of world markets, interest rates or
changes in the rate of exchange for the currency in which the investment is denominated.
Some investments can experience significant volatility and value fluctuations in a
very short space of time, which may present an increased risk of losing your original
capital. Any illustrations or references to the past performance of a particular investment
or an asset class are not necessarily a guide to its performance in the future. With any
investment, you may not necessarily get back the amount you invested, particularly if
you need to redeem your investment at short notice. Therefore any investment should
only be made after seeking the advice of an appropriately authorised or regulated
financial advisor.